COVID-19 Planning at Berea College

The purpose of this communication is to offer more information about planning for the various eventualities that we are facing.  Please know that none of us has the ability to accurately anticipate all possible contingencies and developments.  For that reason, the following is subject to change哪种配资可以买涨停板 at any point depending upon actual conditions.

Posted on Mar. 12, 2020 at 12:58 p.m.

Dear Bereans,

Here are some COVID-19 updates for Thursday, March 12th.

哪种配资可以买涨停板We are fortunate to have “microbe expertise” on our faculty, in the person of Dr. Dawn Anderson.  Read her blurb offering some more .

哪种配资可以买涨停板I need to dispel one rumor regarding our cancelled Commencement celebration, that being that the commencement speaker was to be Dolly Parton and that she had already written a song to be part of her address.  It is true that Ms. Parton was added to the approved list of potential honorary degree recipients from Berea College at the January, 2020 Board meeting, but it is NOT the case that she had been invited on such short notice to receive that degree this May.  I do hope that we will be able to prevail upon her to join us for a future Commencement, however.

Recognizing the unexpectedness of traveling home may catch students with little money, the College has decided to advance students $100 from the payroll to be processed next week.  This will go to the direct deposit account where your labor payments are sent; the money should be in your account on Friday (tomorrow!)  For those who receive a paper check, you may go to the Student Financial Aid Office on Friday after 8:30 a.m. to pick up an emergency loan voucher to get the $100 cash from Student Accounts.  Please understand that there will be a payroll deduction of $100 哪种配资可以买涨停板taken from your labor check next week, in addition to your current payroll deduction.  For example, if you were having 50% deducted from your check, next week you would have 50% plus $100 in payroll deductions OR if you had a flat amount of $25 deducted from your check, then next week there would be $25 plus $100 deducted.

Some students who live nearby have expressed interest in being allowed to take campus jobs. We very much appreciate this spirit of wanting to assist the community through a difficult time as we will have lost a large fraction of our student labor. The Administrative Committee has agreed that we can in fact employ students who live nearby, within commuting distance to work in labor positions.  The pay rate for students working in labor positions, whether living on campus or commuting from nearby will be at the rate planned for summer positions this year, $8.75/hour.  Students not working will receive the pay rate of their current campus position.

Announcements from the Labor Program

  • All student labor placements will be finalized by Monday morning (03/16). Students and supervisors will be notified by email, asap
  • Also, the Labor program has a large quantity of treats and snacks that had been purchased for Labor Day.  Students wanting some snacks for travel are welcome to stop by the office.

I do have one bit news for faculty and staff that might be a little bit unwelcome.  Operations will be continuing at the college which  means that meetings of committees, councils, and assemblies will continue.  Members not able or wishing to attend in person, including for example student members, can attend via Zoom, if possible.

哪种配资可以买涨停板Another bit of unfortunate news which we just received this morning; all KIIS programs have been cancelled for this summer.

The Child Development Laboratory plans to continue to be open as long as there are no cases of COVID-19 on campus or among the families served by the CDL.

Announcements from IS&S

哪种配资可以买涨停板(Students should also see the lengthy email sent this morning with more details.)

  • IS&S is completing all student laptop repairs immediately before students leave this weekend.  If a student’s laptop is not repaired before Friday, we will issue a loaner laptop for an extended time at no charge.
  • IS&S will ship bootable USB drives, including instructions to all seniors for assistance with laptop transfer of ownership.
  • IS&S is extending the password expiration from 120 days to 270 days.  (This can be done with undue cybersecurity risk because of our successful adoption of the Duo Multifactor Authorization protocol.

哪种配资可以买涨停板Another rumor that has been reported to me is concern about staff lay-offs.  We contemplate continuing with normal business operations and are not considering the possibility of lay-offs.

National and local media has taken an interest in our situation and we have had reporters on campus.  Some students report what they take as harassment.  Please know that no one needs to speak with a reporter if they prefer not to, and in that case, it is a good idea to refer them to Director of Media Relations Tim Jordan.  Please let Mr. Jordan know at jordant@ponsuko.com哪种配资可以买涨停板 if you have been excessively bothered by a reporter and where the interaction took place.

哪种配资可以买涨停板My thanks for all everyone is doing to work through this challenging moment.

Lyle Roelofs, President

Previous Campus Announcements

哪种配资可以买涨停板Dear Bereans,

I am planning on sending a daily update on the COVID-19 situation and decisions we are making as we respond to the changing situation.  I’ll be aiming for the early afternoon each day until there’s nothing more to add.

哪种配资可以买涨停板First, we are preparing a FAQ website.  Look for a link on the College home page, hopefully by the end of the day.  Once it is live, students may wish to inform their parents about the site, which will have information some families have been requesting, too.  I and all the other members of the administrative committee are doing our best to respond to all the questions we are receiving, but there are some inevitable delays.

One thing I should have emphasized in the first message yesterday is that our decision to close is NOT because we know about an active case of COVID-19 on campus.  Some people jumped to that erroneous conclusion.  Rather the closure is preemptive and precautionary, the decision being driven by the realization and if and when we do have a case, we will not be able to project the health and wellbeing of others on campus, students and employees, because of the difficulty of managing quarantine requirements.

哪种配资可以买涨停板I do want to reiterate and explain further a couple of points from yesterday’s message.

  • Students for whom it would be a hardship in any way to leave campus, may apply to stay.  (See the announcement below from Student Life.)
  • Students will continue to receive their student labor pay, whether or not they are able to work.
  • Faculty are working to ensure that each course can be satisfactorily completed, employing other means of instruction than in-class meetings.  This means that students in good standing who did expect to complete requirements for graduation in May 2020, should still be able to do so.  It also means that all students should have the opportunity to stay on schedule with their course work.

哪种配资可以买涨停板One additional fact, not mentioned in yesterday’s message, is that students who do complete graduation requirements will receive their Berea College diplomas by mail shortly after graduation would have occurred.

Please also know that it is very much our intention to still find a way to celebrate 2020 graduates in a public ceremony and celebration.  We will need to know more about the progress of COVID-19 illnesses in our region and country before we know when that can be safely done, but we may be able to share a tentative plan in the new future.

We have not yet been able to make decisions about summer school.  Again, we will need to monitor developments to determine whether we can safely offer summer courses.

Announcements from Student Life

  • (For students who wish to be allowed to stay on campus)  As was announced in residence hall meetings last evening by Area Coordinators students who wish to be considered for approval to stay on campus need to complete the form for that purpose.  Students who missed the meetings can still get the form from their Area Coordinator.
  • Also, Counseling Services is continuing with walk in hours from 9am-5pm (closed 12-1pm).

Announcement from Dining Service

Below are the hours for the week:

Dining Hall

  • Wed: Closing at 9 pm
  • Thurs: Closing at 9 pm
  • Fri: Closing at 7:30p

Saturday & Sunday

  • Breakfast 7:30 – 10:00 am
  • Brunch 11:00 am – 1:30 pm
  • Dinner 4:30 – 7:30 pm

(For those remaining on campus, reduced hours for Dining Hall will be shared later.)

Tres Hab

  • Wed: Normal hours
  • Thurs: Closing at 2 pm
  • Fri: Closed

Pinnacle Café

  • Wed: Normal hours
  • Thur: Normal hours
  • Fri:  Closing at 2 pm

On behalf of the Administrative Committee I want to thank everyone who is working creatively and diligently to make the many adjustments that are necessary to successfully navigate this set of challenges.

Warm regards,
哪种配资可以买涨停板 Lyle Roelofs, President

Dear Bereans,

哪种配资可以买涨停板This morning, the Administrative Committee reached a decision in response to the COVID-19 challenges that will have significant implications for each and every member of the community.

Concluding, after careful analysis, that it will not be possible to adequately assure student and employee safety in the circumstance of a case of COVID-19 occurring on campus, we have decided that the College will cease instructional activities as of the end of the day on this Friday, March 13.

Faculty are requested to give immediate consideration to how their courses can be brought to closure in that time, and we apologize for the very short notice.  Because most students will have left campus and not all will have internet access, instruction should not continue, although assignments for students to complete and submit can be part of the plan and electronic communications may continue.  The due date for final grades will not change.

Students are requested to give immediate consideration to planning to return home with this Saturday, the 14th, being move-out day.  Residence hall rooms will need to fully vacated.  For students for whom returning home would be a hardship, continuing accommodations on campus can be provided, upon application to Student Life.  Students remaining on campus will be expected to continue to fulfill Labor responsibilities and may be redeployed to other duties.  Students who will need assistance with travel costs may also apply to Student Life for assistance.  All students will continue to be paid for their campus work positions through the end of the semester, even if they are off campus and not able to actually work.

College operations will not哪种配资可以买涨停板 cease as of this date, and staff should plan to continue to fulfill their job responsibilities until further notice from their vice president.

哪种配资可以买涨停板This announcement will result in many questions, and I request that you direct your questions to the vice president responsible for that area.  You may also anticipate that there will be a number of more detailed messages directed to targeted groups of recipients.  A team of responsible employees will join the Administrative Committee to work through all those detailed matters as expeditiously as possible.

There are a few immediate consequences of this decision that can already be announced:

  • Regrettably, our Commencement celebration will also be cancelled, or at least postponed to a date when such a gathering can be conducted safely.
  • Summer academic travel through the BIST program will be cancelled.  (Other summer academic travel managed through other institutions may also be cancelled, but we are not making that decision at this time.)
  • Effective immediately, we will also curtail student, faculty and staff travel supported by the College through at least the end of the semester.
  • Meetings of the GFA and the CFA planned for this Thursday afternoon will be held as scheduled, but faculty wishing to attend remotely via Zoom may do so.
  • Athletics contests scheduled through Thursday of this week may be completed.  I will be informing the schools of the USA South conference that we will be unable to compete in the remainder of our scheduled games.

We have a lot to accomplish in order for this very abrupt change in operations to be successfully undertaken.  I urge everyone to do their utmost to assist and to be flexible and creative in accommodating the many consequent and inevitable difficulties.

Lyle Roelofs, President
(On behalf of the Administrative Committee)

Dear Bereans,

Some faculty and students have expressed concern and have suggested curtailing some campus activities including classes and labor.  Unfortunately, given the close proximity in which we work, learn and live, curtailing just classes and labor will not offer meaningful protection from the potential spread of infection in our community.

If we become aware of any member of the College community having come in contact with someone having a confirmed case of Coronavirus illness, a two-week quarantine is necessary.

  • For faculty and staff, that would be a self-quarantine at home for that duration.  An employee required to undertake self-quarantine would not be required to use sick time, and, to the extent possible, would be expected to undertake whatever responsibilities might be conducted through email, phone communication, etc.
  • For students, quarantine space has been identified, labor would be excused, food will be delivered, and any course participation would need to be via on-line methods.
  • COVID-19 testing, as mandated by state and local health officials, will follow any period of quarantine.  Individual(s) must be cleared before returning to campus and normal activities.

A considerably more serious situation obtains if we become aware of an actual COVID-19 diagnosis of any member of the on-campus community.  At that point local government and health officials will step in and do contact tracing to identify others who may have been exposed.  The number of contacts any one of us has with others will make that complicated, and the number identified would likely be appreciable.  In that event, all options will be considered but there may be no alternative but to close the campus under guidance from state and local health officials.  In that event:

  • Students able to go home will be expected to do so; others will be accommodated on campus with known contacts of the infected person(s) quarantined in so far as we are able.
  • Non-essential employees will not report to work, except as directed by their supervisor. These employees would be expected to work remotely to the extent this is possible.
  • Such a development will cause many complications, and I have charged a task force chaired by Provost Strong-Leek to work on details of that planning.

I have been in contact with the presidents of some other Kentucky colleges and universities—similar planning is underway at those other schools.  Our planning will continue to be informed by a full range of governmental, medical and other information resources, including our own community.

哪种配资可以买涨停板We can, of course, hope that all of this planning will turn out to be unnecessary, but it seems that we and most other residential colleges and universities in the country face the need to prepare for a major disruption. The cooperation and understanding of every member of the campus community is essential to safeguarding the health and well-being of all Bereans.

With all my concern for this troubling situation,

哪种配资可以买涨停板Lyle Roelofs, President

Additional COVID-19 Information and Resources